The African Competitive Rice Initiative (CARI) at the Agra Innovate 2017, Lagos, Nigeria

From 23 – 25th of November CARI and four other GIZ programmes participated at the third Agra Innovate West Africa, the region’s leading crop production, processing and manufacturing tradeshow in Lagos.CARI exhibited trainings material, parboiling vessels and its partners’ produce to a highly interested audience.To promote their products two CARI partners joined the trade fair; Michael Okunoye from ONYX Bida Rice Mills Ltd. and Stephanie Okpere from eHealth Nigeria. As the local rice expert Michael answered questions regarding production areas and methods, rice varieties, processing facilities and distribution channels. Stefanie on the other hand represented the diversification component of the CARI project, promoting the orange flesh sweet potato, which is highly nutritious and Vitamin A rich.

The most frequently question to the CARI team and its partners was “Where can I buy it?”, showing the great interest and demand for the products.