Our Work

The main objective of the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) is to increase the competitiveness of African small-scale rice producers, millers and other actors in the value chain and achieve a lasting reduction of poverty in Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Tanzania.

The principal aim is to address coordination failures, create better linkages among rice value chain actors as a result, and increase the expected economic returns for all stakeholders.

CARI’s activities operate along four intervention areas:

    1. Improved productivity and quality of paddy rice based on sustainable and competitive rice production systems
    2. Increased efficiency of local rice sourcing, processing and marketing through structured value chain linkages, improved technology and process management
    3. Improved access to financial services for all value chain actors
    4. Enabling environment at national and regional level including policy framework and strengthening of rice sector initiatives.

Complementary interventions focus specifically to benefit women and youth (e.g. vegetable production).

Activities under intervention areas (1), (2) and (3) are implemented through a Matching Fund (PPP fund). The fund’s purpose is to stimulate investments in the value chain that are jointly planned and implemented by at least two partners.

The movie “Rice is our Business” showcases the work and experiences of CARI’s team in Nigeria.