Achievements so far…

CARI is currently working with more than 30 Matching Fund Partners in Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Tanzania. In total, these Matching Fund partners are working with more than 150,000 smallholder farmers. While some of the partners have started collaborating with CARI at the beginning of the dry season 2016, other partners have been part of CARI since 2014.


Over the last 2 years CARI, together with its partners, was able to achieve significant outputs and results. More than 370,000 beneficiaries were able to increase their income as a consequence of trainings, input provision and linkages to off-takers and markets. For an overview of the main achievements so far please see the graphic below.


Please visit the CARI youtube channel showcasing CARI activities in Tanzania at the farmer and processor level. Please watch

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