CARI Matching Fund (MF) Projects

To date, CARI has successfully established 32 partnership projects under the MF mechanism in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Burkina Faso.
The projects have been concluded with various actors from the rice value chain with the aim of increasing efficiency of local rice sourcing, processing and marketing through structured value chain linkages.

For more information about the individual projects, please klick on the project names below.

CARI projects in Ghana:


  1. Smallholder Sustainable Rice Production and Marketing Project
  2. Increasing Quality Paddy Rice Production and Improving Efficiency
  3. Improving Productivity and Increased Competitiveness of smallholder farmers through the supply of quality rice seeds
  4. The Wienco Rice Project
  5. EmoMpontuo Outgrower Scheme
  6. Improved Productivity Through Strengthened Paddy Supply and Out-Grower Contract Management
  7. Sustainable Improvement in Rice Production and its Value Chain

CARI projects in Nigeria:


  1. Strengthening Production and Increasing Income of
    smallholder Rice Farmers
  2. Niger State Sustainable Rice Value Chain Support Project
  3. Enhancing and Increasing Income of Rice Farmers
  4. Demonstrating Good Agricultural Practices in Paddy Production
  5. Nigeria Sustainable & Economically viable Rice Value Chain and Backward Integration Support to Farmers
  6. Nigeria Sustainable & Economically viable Rice Value chain and Backward Integration Support to Farmers_2
  7. Kebbi Rice Value Chain Development Initiative
  8. Rice Value Chain Development in Hadejia Valley, Jigawa State
  9. Enhancing the Performance of the Rice Value Chain in Jigawa State
  10. Scaling the Baban Gona Agricultural Franchise Rice Programme in Kaduna, Katsina and Kano State

CARI projects in Tanzania:


  1. Development of a Competitive Rice Production Marketing
    Value Chain
  2. Promoting Bahi Rice
  3. Smallholder Crop Finance in Kilombero Valley, Morogoro, Region
  4. Rice Markets Hub (RIMAH) at Ikwirir, Coastal Region
  5. Mbarali Rice Consortium in Mbeya Region
  6. Shinyanga Rice for Competitive Markets in Shinyanga, Tabora, Simiyu and Geita Regions
  7. Strengthening the Rice Value Chain in Zanzibar
  8. Sustainable Rice Production in Singida Region

CARI projects in Burkina Faso:


  1. Riz blanc « cheval » pour les grands marchés urbains de
  2. Riz étuvé de qualité pour les marchés urbains