CARI’s participation in the Agrofood Fair 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria

The International Agrofood Fair took place at Landmark Center Victoria Island Lagos from 28th to 30th of March, 2017. The event brought together about 1,958 visitors from all over Nigeria to discuss their business and dialogue with 110 exhibitors from 20 countries. GIZ Nigeria was represented by five projects including CARI.

The objectives of this years participation were

  1. to create an opportunity for partners to showcase their products and dialogue with other agri-businesses.
  2. to allow CARI an opportunity to meet and share experiences with colleagues from development organizations, agri-businesses, policy sector, research institutes etc.
  3. to explore potential partnership and collaboration opportunities towards achievement of the CARI goals and objectives.

Present at the fair were representatives of CARI partners such as Ajifa, Danmodi, Labana, KARDA, Klysat, WOFAN, Onyx and NAMDA, who were able to meet and dialogue with visitors from different areas of the agricultural sector. They were also able to promote their products, initiate and establish linkages with potential distributors, marketing channels and stakeholders from different parts of the country.

A mini experimental auction was conducted with the aim of assessing consumer preferences and willingness to pay for different rice products of CARI partners. The report showing the result of this auction can be found online soon.

With other international development organizations as well as Nigeria-based agri-businesses, CARI was also able to discuss and share experiences, making the Agrofood fair 2017 a successful event for CARI.

Author: Philip Obosi, CARI Nigeria