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E-Agriculture Pitch – CARI unites local start-ups and the rice sector

In order to find a local Start-up to develop an ICT based solution, CARI hosted a successful E-Agriculture Pitch in Abuja on March 8, 2018. The event was set up in collaboration with the GIZ project “Make IT” and Ventures Platform. Several promising Nigerian start-ups participated. During the event, each start-up had the chance to present their developed prototypes with the aim of improving the supply chain management for one of CARI’s partners.

Both, the partners and CARI have been enthusiastic about the ideas, which were pitched.

In order to gain further background information, the start-ups were given the opportunity to ask the mill representatives questions. Subsequently they were given the opportunity to send in full proposals. After the revision of the proposals, the winner will be selected for piloting the solution in the upcoming wet season 2018 in Nigeria.

CARI is very positive about finding a suitable and sustainable partner. Accordingly, the event was a big success!

Call for Expression of Interest – Short Concepts

The Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) wishes to announce its call for expression of interest & short concepts under the CARI Matching FUnd (MF) in Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Tanzania.

Main target group of the MF are Private Sector Organizations. In reasonably justified exemptions, Public Sector Institutions or Non-Governmental Organizations heading a consortium of partners can be eligible as lead MF partners. If the lead partner is not a rice mill, one of the consortium partners need to be an off-taker with whom the lead partner has a proven relationship. All partners must be legally recognized and empowered to enter into binding agreements.

Eligible parties should be well established and have a strong interest in increasing productivity along the entire rice value chain. The inclusion of male and female smallholder rice farmers in sustainable business models is a core principle of CARI. Example key indicators are:

  • Increased productivity and quality of paddy rice;
  • Improved capacity utilization of the rice mill;
  • Improved coordination among key stakeholders in the local rice value chain;
  • Increased adoption of sustainable rice production techniques (

The Matching Fund is the backbone of the CARI project. It serves as vehicle to support partners to increase the productivity along the entire rice value chain. The MF partner/consortium is required to contribute at least 2/3 to the project budget, as the CARI contribution is limited to 1/3 (maximum). Depending on the farmer outreach and complexity of the proposed project, the CARI share shall be between 40,000 and 100,000 €. The duration of the project can be up to 24 months in Nigeria and Burkina Faso, while contracts in Tanzania are limited to 21 months and in Ghana to 16 months.

The expression of interest & short concept should not exceed ten pages and should include:

Roles, responsibilities and contribution of consortium partner(s): a signed MoU of all partners within the consortium or explicit letter of intent to cooperate and contribute under the proposed project (a template is available on the CARI website) must be provided

  •     Brief qualitative description of the project
  •     Problem statement & relevance of project
  •     Goals and objectives
  •     Quantitative key performance indicators
  •     Company profile, staff structure and annual turnover
  •     Roles of service provider in the project
  •     Experience with similar projects
  •     Budget estimate

The Board of Matching Funds will review all expressions of interest & short concepts. The main criteria for the selection will be a competitive technical evaluation. It will be assessed how well each project covers the challenges along the rice value chain. Only concepts, which reach a minimum technical score, will be invited to hand in a full proposal. Furthermore, all applicants will undergo a risk assessment.

Please note that the deadline for expression of interest & short concepts closes on 31st of March 2018. Please use the provided template for your short concept and send it to:

Call for expression of interest & short concepts

Matching Fund Guidelines

Annex 1_ Guidelines on costs eligible for reimbursement in contracts

Annex 2_Letter of Intent

Annex 3_Short Concept